Monday, April 30, 2007

Why did it take me this long to discover John Coltrane???

Friday, April 27, 2007

Announcement from a proud sister:

My brother Brian is graduating from the University of the Philippines Diliman with a degree in Landscape Architecture. He won this year's Best Thesis Award! =D Here is an abstract of Brian's thesis:

The Athletic Playground recognizes that a child’s medium for learning is play. Since play touches all the domains of a child’s development: cognitive, physical, social, and emotional; lets children relax their mind and body; and gives them the ability to focus, it should be incorporated into the training of child athletes. Incorporating play in athletic training for kids calls for a specially designed training facility. The Athletic Playground is an outdoor athletic training facility that carries a playground-like atmosphere conducive for PE activities and athletic training that incorporate play for children. It is composed of three areas: the Mindset Area featuring the Nature Walk and Lecture Hall where the children are trained mentally; the Movement Area featuring the Coordination Field, Multipurpose Court, Climbing Zone, Tag Arena, 50-Meter Sprint Track, Stair Sprint Course, Ascending Descending Sprint Course, and the Balance Obstacle Course where the children train physically; and lastly the Nutrition and Recovery Area featuring various sitting areas where children learn the importance of recuperation.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Natalie has requested I post more about my brothers and I am happy to oblige. =)

I call Martin "O-nii-chan" because that is the affectionate term in Japanese for "older brother." "Chan" is a term of endearment in Japan. "Older brother" without the affectionate term would be "O-nii-san" or "Nii-san" and other forms of "Nii." I'm no expert on Japanese but I am really into the Japanese culture (I guess it's pretty obvious in this blog).

I'm not sure how to explain JP's nickname. O-nii-chan used to call JP "Jepoy." Then that morphed into "Shmipoy," then finally became "Pipoy." (Sometimes, I call him "JP-chan" or "Pipoy-chan.") Only Nii-chan and I can call JP "Pipoy." Yes, that's a rule. I can't really explain it except by saying that I can be possessive of my brothers. Especially with my younger brothers (JP and Brian). It's an Asian older sister thing. Or can it be like that in other cultures as well???
As for my Pop-Tart/Brian-chan/Pop-Tart-chan: There was a time I was thinking about food nicknames in general. Like "Cupcake," Sweet Pea," etc. Then I started thinking about other food nicknames that people haven't used yet. And one day I just started calling Brian "Pop-Tart" even though I hadn't been thinking of nicknames specifically for him!

My real name is actually Roberta Marie. Tarie/Tarie-chan is my nickname. roberTA maRIE. Get it? Heeheehee. =) And it has something to do with the Atari too. Remember that game console? It was really popular in the Philippines when I was born. My dad was playing that when my mom was in labor with me.

My brothers and I are really, really close. They are my best friends. (Excluding God,) There is nobody and nothing more important to me than my brothers. I'll post more on my brothers soon! =) I am very proud of them after all. =D

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This is my older brother Martin (a.k.a. O-nii-chan):

This is my younger brother JP (a.k.a Pipoy):

This is my younger brother Brian (a.k.a Pop-Tart):

Here's Pipoy and Pop-Tart going wild:

Last night I dreamt about syntax. =( Yes, syntax! Probably because I have been working on syntax exercises at work for the past two weeks. Words, phrases, and sentences were clear in my dream. How pathetic is my life? There reached a point in my dream where I thought, "Heck, if I can't fight this, I might as well try to get some work done in my dream." *sigh*

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sooo happy

I was able to do some shopping today (I really needed new clothes). =D I also bought Haruki Murakami's Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. Earl will let me borrow Haruki Murakami's Wild Sheep Chase. Right, Earl? ;) And while in the bookstore I saw that Diana Wynne Jones has a new Chrestomanci book: Conrad's Fate. It's been out since 2005, but poor Tarie didn't know about it. =( I loved the other books in Jones' The Chronicles of Chrestomanci! It's great children's fantasy literature that had me enthralled for many days. =D It was literally my world. Nothing else mattered for a long time. Natalie, Jones did Howl's Moving Castle, remember? =)

P.S. I also got pampered and had my hair done! =D

Thursday, April 19, 2007

What is true talent?

The ability to stir strong emotions in others. I pray for a time when I make something (perhaps a collage, painting, short story, or children's book) that stirs strong emotions in people. Something that will make people ache from emotions. Something that may even make people weep spontaneously.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Once again, it is summer in the Philippines. (Time sure flies by!) It is very hot and humid and therefore everyone who doesn't have AC in their bedroom (like me) has very shallow sleep. We are all very sticky and sweaty, so as much as possible we do not touch each other. Hahaha.

At work I am the grammar guru and article girl for the next two weeks. I have to produce some grammar exercises on syntax (HELP!) and write the summaries, reading comprehension questions, discussion topics, vocabulary exercises, and grammar exercises to go with some readings.

I have to think about the next MA paper I have to pass. It has to be on modern British literature. Does anyone have any topic/author suggestions for me??? Please? =)

Oh, and I want to buy a novel by Haruki Murakami. Which one of his novels should I read first?
Is this the beginning of happiness? Or is this happiness?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I live for entertaining, intellectually stimulating, emotionally stirring, spiritually enriching, and compelling narratives. =)

This is how I feel lately:

I love Honey & Clover! =)