Once again, it is summer in the Philippines. (Time sure flies by!) It is very hot and humid and therefore everyone who doesn't have AC in their bedroom (like me) has very shallow sleep. We are all very sticky and sweaty, so as much as possible we do not touch each other. Hahaha.

At work I am the grammar guru and article girl for the next two weeks. I have to produce some grammar exercises on syntax (HELP!) and write the summaries, reading comprehension questions, discussion topics, vocabulary exercises, and grammar exercises to go with some readings.

I have to think about the next MA paper I have to pass. It has to be on modern British literature. Does anyone have any topic/author suggestions for me??? Please? =)

Oh, and I want to buy a novel by Haruki Murakami. Which one of his novels should I read first?


Natalie said…
I am stumped... no modern Brit Lit titles in my head, and I don't know the author you mentioned. Oh dear. You are so helpful and encouraging, I had hoped to return your kindness. Is Rosemary Wells a modern British author? "Max and Ruby" is about all I get to read these days!
We had half of a warm day and I started to dread summer; not that we get a.c. hot, but still... I don't want to be all wilty hot. I am glad you have a chance to sleep well.
SM Light said…
sticky and sweaty can be a good thing sometimes.


have something tall and cold, like a cuba libre, or a mojito. that should cool you down before going to bed.