Can I have one minute of your time?

Please watch this one-minute video about why The Last Airbender is an example of institutionalized racism.

Thank you so much for your minute.

If you have more time, please check out this blog post. It's a very thorough and articulate explanation of why one man is not supporting The Last Airbender for professional, philosophical, and personal reasons.


You got me all pumped up Tarie!!!
Tarie Sabido said…
Thank you for all your minutes, Natalie. =D
ArtSeblis said…
I haven't heard of the Airbender (anime?) until now. Where have I been hiding? :P

But I believe there have been anime-based movies starred in by Caucasians in the past. What makes this movie so much more worse? because of the big-name director?
Tarie Sabido said…
ArtSeblis, I wouldn't say that it is "worse." Racist casting practices are horrible no matter what the movie is. But yes, this movie is getting much more publicity, not because of the director though. It's because the Last Airbender was a hugely popular cartoon series in the U.S.
Doret said…
Tarie - the article on the history of facepainting got me thinking about The Shining Star by Paula Woo.

The story of Anna May - the first Chinese Actress. She and all Asian actors were denied rolls in The Good Earth.

And all these years later it contiunes. But The Last Airbender is bombing.

That makes me so happy
Tarie Sabido said…
Doret, I am so happy too! =D
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