Why Werewolves PWN Vampires: A Guest Post by YA Author Judith Graves

YA author Judith Graves and I have one thing in common: We LOVE werewolves. We've exchanged several messages through Twitter, and we usually talk about those HOT HOT paranormal creatures. So I've invited Judith to guest blog at Into the Wardrobe and asked her this question: Why are werewolves so freakin' awesome?!

Hey Tarie!

You asked for a guest post on why werewolves were so made of awesomeness. As a true Wolfy Chick, I completely agree they are. However, I should clarify that in my book, Under My Skin (UMS), my “werewolves” are pretty old school and are not of the Jacob / Sam persuasion. In UMS, werewolves are forged from dark magic, they are made, not born – and serve as the brawn for their demon or vampire masters.

That being said, my wolven creatures, like Eryn, the main character in UMS, are shapeshifters, born with the ability to assume either human or wolf form. Kind of your typical lycan-ish creature, except wolven are wolves who occasionally live as humans rather than the other way around.

ANYWAY…. I’m totally splitting hairs or fur on this one…lol… Back to the issue at hand. Were creatures – lycans – wolven – whatever…. They do rule and, if you don’t believe me, well, I’ll have to convince you. One of my favourite things to do – create Pro / Con lists (anal of me, sure, but it’s how I process stuff). I took the liberty of creating one on my lunch break today at school (I work in an elementary school library – hence, the “damage noted” stamps – I spared you the usual snot-covered stack of books sitting on my desk, aren’t you glad? The snot would be from kids reading the books and sneezing on the cover, NOT me.)

Here goes:

As you can see (well, you could if you click on the image to make it all big like) the pros far outweigh the cons – weres are most awesome! And I apparently can’t spell “immortal” to save my life.

My husband is reading over my shoulder and informs me that I neglected to add “stench of wet dog” to the CONS. I agree, that was an oversight. But I’m amazed he’d think of reeks considering the stench emanating from his hockey gear bag in our garage. ;)

And the odor factor still doesn’t tip the scale – weres rule! Thanks for letting me hang on your blog Tarie…. Cya!


Werewolves only stink for vampires. They smell just fine to us humans. ;) Thank you so very much for talkin' werewolves with me again today, Judith!!

Now, dear readers, tell us: Do you love werewolves too? =D


Chachic said…
This is such a fun post! I haven't actually read a lot of books about werewolves. I've only read the werewolves of the Sam/Jacob persuasion (to borrow Judith Graves' words) but this post makes me want to read more werewolf books. :)
Tarie Sabido said…
Chachic, do you like vampires? Or do you like more of the high fantasy creatures (fairies, elves, etc.)?
Ms. Yingling said…
My students will love this, but I am so tired of vampires and werewolves that I want to weep silently into my cardigan sleeve. But then, as a teen, I was a big Ellen Conford fan.
Tarie Sabido said…
Ms. Yingling, I feel your pain. Well... I will never tire of werewolves. But I am tired of vampires. And I never liked them in the first place!!