Hello, readers of the Sunday Inquirer Magazine!

Hello! :o) You may be visiting Into the Wardrobe for the first time because you read about it in the Sunday Inquirer Magazine. Welcome! I've put together this post to introduce you to Into the Wardrobe and the rest of the kidlitosphere.

Here are some of my favorite Into the Wardrobe posts:

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The winner of the Cybils middle grade science fiction and fantasy category is...

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Another Interview with Author Sue Fliess!

I highly, highly recommend these other kidlit and YA lit blogs. They are the reason I started blogging more seriously!

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Gilbert Yap Tan said…
Congrats Tarie! You make bookworms and Gensan proud! :)
Tarie Sabido said…
Thank you for your support, Gilbert. And I am so glad Gensan was mentioned in the article!
Van said…
Congrats, Ms. Tarie! I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. I'm also into children's lit. I collect Newbery Award books (Booksale finds) and I require my students to do a book report every two weeks. If they lose or ruin the book, they should give me 5 books in exchange. Haha.
Tarie Sabido said…
Hi, Van. =D It's great to meet you. I also collect Newbery books and buy many from Booksale! My master's thesis is on the Asian American winners of the Newbery Medal and Newbery Honor. <3