Guest Blog Post by Lindsay Below

I've got another guest on a blog tour for you, dear readers. Welcome, Lindsay Below! And best wishes for your YA novel!

Writing Head Over Hand-Bought Heels
By Lindsay Below

Head Over Hand-Bought Heels began as a very vivid dream. I get a lot of ideas that way, to tell the truth. Too many to ever be able to finish writing, sadly. But this dream was special. For one, it introduced me to Katie, Courtney, Tia, and Jane, the four main characters in my book. For another, it occurred two days before National Novel Writing Month.

National Novel Writing Month occurs every November, and in 2008, I’d decided to try it for the very first time. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but I knew that I wanted to give it a shot. But by two days beforehand, I’d already decided on a different book, with characters I’d worked on developing and some semblance of a plot that I already knew.

I had neither for Head Over Hand-Bought Heels, just a first scene and four characters who wouldn’t get out of my head. But even with so little, I decided to take the plunge.

I found out that yes (!) I could finish a book in a month, but it was a scary journey. I lived every moment along with Katie, because I had no idea what would happen next. But that was okay. It was like I was a part of the gang, listening as Courtney cried on my shoulder about her breakup with her girlfriend, calming Katie down after she realized that she might have feelings for Courtney, and helping all four of them plot to set up Tia with a guy. In that month, as I wrote, those four girls became my best friends.

That’s the reason I write books. To make new friends and get swept away in their crazy lives for a while. If you’d like to learn more about Katie and the gang, check out my website. Don’t miss your chance to win an ebook copy of the book! Just comment here or on any other of my blog tour posts for your chance to win -- the full list of where I’ll be stopping can be found on my website. This contest is open until Friday, December 17th at 11:59PM EST. I’ll be announcing the winner on my website then, so be sure to check back!


L. K. Below said…
Thanks for having me, Tarie! This was a blast.
Tarie said…
Thank you too, Lindsay! It's my pleasure to host you. :o)
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