Bellyfest 2010

On Saturday, my beautiful, fabulous poet friend Chloe (I fondly call her Chloebellabelles LOL) invited me to watch a dance show with her at the PETA Theater. (A note about the PETA Theater: I was appalled to see that the theater chairs were plastic chairs and that the stage was all scratched up / beaten up. It's a shame because the rest of the building is so clean and beautiful!) The dance show was the grand evening show of Bellyfest 2010. It was a recital of professional and amateur belly dancers. The very talented belly dancers were beauties of all different ages, shapes, and sizes. They were exuding a lot of confidence and it looked like they were having a lot of fun. I wanted to get up and dance, too!

Unfortunately, in one part of the recital there was an attempt to string together dance numbers using a narrative. It was a story about a man searching the world for a priceless gift to give his beloved. There was a dance number for each country he visited (Spain, Brazil, China, Egypt, etc.). The dance numbers were charming, but the story was trite and felt very forced. The narrator didn't enunciate his words well and there was no passion or any other kind of feeling coming from the actor playing the man who was traveling the world.

Still, I thought it was an excellent recital. Click here to read Chloe's review of the show. Her review includes a video of one of the amazing performers balancing a sword on her head while belly dancing!


I bought my ticket to Bellyfest 2010, but I did get freebies from one of their sponsors, Slenda. The people from Slenda were so nice and they gave me a lovely gift bag. Thank you, Slenda!


Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing, Tarie. The poster looks fabulous (luscious is the word that first came to mind).

Chleo's video is out of this world! I'm not that skilled with m head. :D
Tarie said…
Hi, Nathalie! I was slayed by that belly dancer balancing a sword on her head. My jaw was to the floor the whole time she was performing!