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Natalie said…
Good grief.
We hear there are "too many immigrants," and "minorities are the majority"... so where are the brown-yellow-black people, people? How can Hollywood not easily stumble on us, if we are "all over the place?"

Clueless Casting = boycott
Natalie said…
Upon closer examination, I realize they did cast one brother... as the enemy, naturally.
Will the white people be able to save him? Will a supporting character, also brown, die needlessly to make a hero look sensitive? Stay tuned...
Tarie, isn't it maddening that these issues are still issues?
Tarie said…
I'm so sad, Natalie. =( I just finished watching all the episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and I loved the series. It's so sad that the movie has been whitewashed. All that potential down the drain - it could have been an awesome, awesome movie.

A movie ticket here is around 160 pesos. I'm not spending 160 pesos to watch Caucasian actors play Asian and Inuit characters. -_-