I am sooo happy.

Lee & Low Books, an independent children's book publisher focusing on diversity, has just acquired Tu Publishing, a new independent press for multicultural science fiction and fantasy for children and young adults.

Lee & Low Books is my FAVORITE publisher (I keep waiting for them to drop the ball, but they NEVER DO) and I am so stoked that their new imprint, Tu Books, will feature science fiction and fantasy with characters of color set in worlds inspired by non-Western cultures. Woohoo!

Writers, what are you waiting for? Tu Books is open for submissions and the first books are slated for 2011. =D


Laya said…
Oh, my! This is great! Thanks for posting this. :)
Tarie said…
It's been at least a day since I first heard the news and I am still sooo happy! =D
Anonymous said…
Oh awesomeness! Thanks for sharing this news - will definitely have to put them on my submission list! Huzzah for multi-cultural fantasy & sci fi!!
Ello said…
Check out my interview with Stacy on the Enchanted Inkpot.

Its her first interview since the acquisition!
Tarie said…
Gentlewomanthief, go submit, go! =D

Ello, will do! Thanks! =D