Tastespotting in Dreamdark: Silksinger

My favorite food scene in Dreamdark: Silksinger written by Laini Taylor and illustrated by Jim Di Bartolo

By happy accident, Hirik had chanced to find his way to Sweetsellers Lane. It was very narrow, with towering, carved buildings looming on either side. Faeries lolled on balconies, and shop lads fluttered up to them with trays of mint tea. Everything was the color of sherbet and sugarplums, and every shop sold some sweet marvel, from rare wildflower nectar to nut tarts and spice cakes, coconut cream and chocolate soup to blocks of sugarcane jaggery big enough to perch on. Hirik had never imagined such a quantity of sweets, and he scarecely knew how to choose!

When his stomach rumbled, he let a biddy wave him into her shop, where he bought himself a sweet-potato tart slathered with pistachio butter.


Heather Zundel said…
Have I missed this? Is this going to be a semi-regular feature here? That would be incredible! (The Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon has some amazing descriptions of food).
Tarie said…
Hi, Heather! Yes, I will make Tastespotting a semi-regular feature here at Into the Wardrobe and at Asia in the Heart, World on the Mind! :o)