More Miscellany

* I want to read Snakes Can't Run by Ed Lin (Minotaur Books, March 2010). It's a mystery for adults set in New York’s Chinatown in 1976.

Click here to watch the book trailer for Snakes Can't Run. It's one of the best book trailers I've ever watched. Love the music. Love the old photographs. Love how everything is so gritty.

* I want to read Edinburgh by Alexander Chee (Picador, 2002). It's a novel for adults - adults who are not faint of heart. I read that it's a story about child molestation and its effects. I also read that it features some Korean folk tales.

* Check out Multiculturalism Rocks!, the blog of children's and young adult fiction writer Nathalie Mvondo. Multiculturalism Rocks! is a blog on multiculturalism in children's literature.

Click here to read Nathalie's interview with me. I explain why I have two blogs. =D

* Check out Zoe Toft's blog Playing by the book. Zoe puts so much thought and care and research into her blog posts. She doesn't just review children's books, she suggests songs, crafts, and other activities to go with the books!

Click here to read my guest blog at Playing by the book.

* Oh, and to mix the personal with the literary =P ... My older brother just got married!

Here I am with my mom, uncle, brothers, and sister-in-law:

Here I am (right smack in the middle) with family and some relatives. Yes, SOME relatives. A lot of my relatives couldn't make it to the wedding. We're a big clan. =D


I love the photos of your brother's wedding! And you look great :-) Thanks for the link back to Playing by the book.
Tarie said…
Thank you, Zoe!! =D