First, congratulations to Katherine Paterson (author of Bridge to Terabithia) for being named the new National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature in the US! :o)

Head on over to Black-Eyed Susan's for an important discussion on the lack of African American characters in children's and young adult books.

Then visit Chasing Ray, where we are reminded that we shouldn't just promote diversity in children's and young adult book publishing - we should DEMAND diversity.

I'd like to invite everyone to check out Asia in the Heart, World on the Mind (my second blog), where I have an interview with critic Irene Ying-Yu Chen about children's and young adult books in Taiwan, and an interview with author Anna Yaphe Levine about children's and young adult books in Israel.

Lastly, The Baby-Sitters Club series by Ann M. Martin will be back this year! Scholastic Inc. is publishing a prequel and updating and reissuing the original books. Yay! I really loved The Baby-Sitters Club books as a kid.


Janssen said…
I am thrilled about Katherine Paterson. How exciting was that announcement?
Tarie said…
I'm happy too, Janssen! I actually thought she was gonna be the very first Ambassador. :o)