Cybils 2009 Finalists: Middle Grade Fantasy and Science Fiction

Happy New Year!!! I thinks it's awesome to be celebrating with the announcement of the Cybils 2009 finalists. I have the honor of being a Cybils judge this year, in the middle grade fantasy and science fiction category. Below are the Cybils middle grade fantasy and science fiction finalists. THANK YOU to all the panelists who worked hard to choose the finalists. CONGRATULATIONS to all the authors and illustrators who made it to the shortlist.

Odd and the Frost Giants written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Brett Helquist

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon written and illustrated by Grace Lin

The Serial Garden: The Complete Armitage Family Stories written by Joan Aiken and illustrated by Andi Watson

The Farwalker's Quest written by Joni Sensel

The Prince of Fenway Park written by Julianna Baggott

Dreamdark: Silksinger written by Laini Taylor and illustrated by Jim Di Bartolo

11 Birthdays written by Wendy Mass

Click here to see the finalists in the other Cybils awards categories!


Charlotte said…
I hope you enjoy them! I wouldn't want to be in your shoes, picking just one....we had a hard enough time picking seven!
Tarie said…
Charlotte, thank you for such a great shortlist!!
Anonymous said…
is there a link to the longlist?
Tarie said…
Hi, Candy! Here is the longlist for both middle grade and teen fantasy:
happy new year! been looking for gaiman's grave yard and odd. was in a local bookstore last night. efforts were futile.
Tarie said…
Happy New Year, Zarah! Not sure where you can get copies of The Graveyard Book. I bought my own copy of Odd and the Frost Giants Saturday night at the SM North branch of National Bookstore. The Trinoma branch has copies too. :o)