I've been meaning to help spread the word about this for some time now: Usok, a quarterly web-based magazine of speculative fiction by Filipino writers. It's published by Rocket Kapre Books and edited by Paolo Chikiamco. Let me take this opportunity to say that I am SUPER impressed by Paolo Chikiamco.

Enchanted Conversation is an online magazine (in Blogger format) that celebrates fairy tales through short stories, essays, and art. (Thanks to Saints and Spinners for the link!)

YARN (Young Adult Review Network) publishes short stories for young adult readers, ages 14-18, and those in other age groups who enjoy young adult literature. YARN also features creative essays, poetry, book reviews, and author interviews. (Thanks to Finding Wonderland for the link!)

Behold a new press: Twenty-six-year-old Sumanth Prabhaker has started Madras Press. Madras Press publishes beautiful individually bound short stories in regular series of four. One hundred percent of their net proceeds from sales go to charitable organizations.

These two Madras Press books are on my Christmas wish list. They seem oh oh oh so lovely!

Rebecca Lee’s Bobcat offers a tense, poetic, and emotionally harrowing account of a fateful dinner party in which couples at various stages of life and love intersect.

In Sweet Tomb, Trinie Dalton tells the story of Candy, a candy-addicted witch who resents her inherited lifestyle. After a fire burns down her gingerbread house, she leaves the forest and ventures out in search of the excitement of a more urban environment. Along the way she encounters a self-mutilating puppet, tastes meat for the first time, and falls in love with Death, a skeletal woman with a shoe fetish.

I am in awe of Sumanth Prabhaker and truly inspired by Madras Press. Read this interview over at Bookslut for more about them. (Thanks to BookDragon for the links!)


Pao said…
Aw that made me blush ^_^ Thanks for the support and the kind words Tarie ^_^
Tarie said…
I mean it, Paolo!!!