Publishing Giant Acquires Giant Novel - Written by a Filipina!

Press release:

David Fickling Books is enormously proud to announce the acquisition of a new stand-(tall)-alone novel, TALL STORY!

TALL STORY by Candy Gourlay is an outstanding and highly original novel for 10yrs+. The deal was negotiated by Hilary Delamere from The Agency and David Fickling.

This is a book about Bernardo, a boy who lives in the Philippines, and Bernardo is tall. Not just tall, he’s 8ft tall. Bernardo is actually a GIANT! In a novel packed with humour and quirkiness, Gourlay explores a touching sibling relationship and the comedic results of two very different cultures colliding.

Editorial director, Bella Pearson, knew there was something special from the first page: “It isn't often that I am in fits of laughter one minute and in tears the next - TALL STORY is one of the warmest, funniest, most moving books I've read in a long time - and Candy Gourlay is a rare and new voice in children's fiction. We are feeling immensely excited (and smug!) to be able to add her name to the DFB list.”

Candy Gourlay was born in Manila during the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos. She was in her twenties when she moved to the UK after covering the revolution that overthrew Marcos. In addition to journalism and writing for children, Candy is involved in a range of media: blogging, designing websites and even creating
YouTube videos.

Candy is passionate about embracing and exploiting the digital world to promote books, meeting other likeminded people and reaching out to younger readers online. She runs the popular blog Notes from the Slushpile for aspiring writers. TALL STORY will be Candy’s first full-length published novel.

TALL STORY will be published in June 2010 in hardback and will be launched with widespread digital publicity and buzz; David Fickling Books in the US will publish later in the year and Hilary Delamere has negotiated a separate edition to be launched in the Philippines by Ramon Sunico’s Cacho Publishing House.

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Notes for Editors

David Fickling Books is publisher of quality picture books and fiction, and is home to some of the most bestselling and highly acclaimed authors including Philip Pullman (published by DFB in the UK only), John Boyne, Mark Haddon (published by DFB in the UK only) and Jenny Downham. Its authors have won all of the major literary prizes including the Costa Children's Book of the Year, the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize, and most recently the Carnegie Medal. David Fickling Books is an imprint of Random House Children’s Books UK and Random House Children’s Books in the United States and is based in Oxford, England and New York, USA.

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MissAttitude said…
Congrats to Ms. Gourlay! we definitely need more books by Filipinos in children and YA fiction here in the U.S. I look forward to reading Tall Story :)
Tarie said…
Ari! I am sooo excited about Tall Story being released in the US next year. I can't wait. *jumps up and down* =D

I can't wait!!!
Anonymous said…
hey thank you so much! it's unbelievable news, after many years doing my time trying to get published! thanks 'into the wardrobe' for posting this!
Tarie said…
You are most welcome, Candy. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am really happy for you. =D
austenfan said…
Wow. This is so cool! Finally, an internationally (to-be) published book w/ Filipino characters! Can't wait to read it! :)
Tarie said…
Austenfan, yes - so cool! When it's out, I'm going to help promote it like crazy.
Laya said…
Wow! That's great! LOL, it reminds me of the legend of Bernardo Carpio, when you said he is a giant.
Tarie said…
Laya! The legend of Bernardo Carpio has an important part in the novel! =D
Doret said…
Very Cool. Congrats to the author.
Tarie said…
Doret, Tall Story is also about basketball!!!
EternalJade said…
AAAAAAAAAAAAH! Excuse me for shouting, but I definitely can't wait to read this book (an international book by a Filipino author)! Yay! *A proud Filipino here.* :)
Tarie said…
Hi, EternalJade! So nice to meet you. =D