Yay! =D

I have never been on any kind of "best" list, so I am really happy that Into the Wardrobe is part of the 100 Best Book Blogs for Kids, Tweens, and Teens. I'm especially thrilled about Into the Wardrobe being categorized under "Well-Rounded Book Blogs." Yay! =D

Thank you, Online School. I am glad there are people who enjoy reading this blog and find it helpful.


Lori Calabrese said…
Double Yay!!

You totally deserve it, Tarie. It's an amazing list of book blogs and you certainly deserve to be on it!

Tarie said…
Aww, thank you so much, Lori! =D And Happy Halloween!
Angelica Louise said…
Cool! :) You deserve it! Keep it up!

Tarie said…
Thanks, Angel! Did you see that you won in the giveaway? :o)
Renee said…
Congrats, Tarie!!!!

Happy Halloween!
Angelica Louise said…
Yes yes! Ma'am Cheong sent me a text and informed me ;)) THANKS! :D Cool Cool!
Tarie said…
Thanks, Renee. =D =D =D