The 2009 Children’s and YA Bloggers’ Literary Awards

It's now time for the fourth Children’s and YA Bloggers’ Literary Awards (the Cybils), so far the only book awards from the blogging community! The Cybils reward the children’s and young adult authors and illustrators whose books combine literary merit and “kid appeal.”

How are the winners chosen? Anybody may nominate any children's and YA books published in the contest year in English. This is where you come in! Click here to nominate your favorite books published between Oct. 16, 2008 and Oct. 15, 2009 in English. Nominations are already open and they close on Oct. 15, 2009. You may nominate one book per category. Here are the categories:

Easy Readers/Short Chapter Books
Fiction Picture Books
Graphic Novels
Middle Grade Fiction
Non-Fiction, MG/YA
Non-Fiction Picture Books
Young Adult Fiction

Panelists read the nominated books and determine a list of five to seven finalists for each category. The finalists are announced on Jan. 1, 2010.

For example, here are this year's panelists for the science fiction and fantasy category:

Panel Organizer: Sheila Ruth, Wands and Worlds

Panelists (Round I Judges), MG/Elementary:

Anamaria Anderson, bookstogether
Cindy Hannikman, Fantasy Book Critic
Brian Jung, Critique de Mr. Chompchomp
Eva Mitnick, Eva's Book Addiction
Charlotte Taylor, Charlotte's Library

Panelists (Round I Judges), Teen/YA:

Steve Berman, Guys Lit Wire
Gwenda Bond, Shaken & Stirred
Tanita S. Davis, Finding Wonderland
Nettle, The Muse, Amused
Sheila Ruth (see panel organizer)
Angie Thompson, Angieville
Samantha Wheat, Twisted Quill

From Jan. 1 to mid-February 2010, a different group of judges will read all the finalists and pick the winners. Here are the second round judges for the Cybils' science fiction and fantasy category:

Round II Judges:

Maureen Kearney, Confessions of a Bibliovore
Anne Levy, Cybils
Sam Musher, Parenthetical
Tarie Sabido (THIS IS ME!!!), Into the Wardrobe (THIS IS RIGHT HERE!!!)
Tasha Saecker, Kidslit

I am sooo grateful to be part of the Cybils this year. And I am sooo excited to read all the finalists and choose winners with the other judges. The winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day 2010. :o)


Charlotte said…
I love the Cybils! We (us sf/f panelists) will do our best to give you a lovely shortlist!
Tarie said…
I love the Cybils too! . . . Is it Jan. 1 yet? Hehehehe. =D
Little Willow said…
You and your loved ones have been in my thoughts all week long and will continue to be so. I hope you're safe, Tarie.
Sally Rippin said…
Hey Tarie, an ex-student of mine just alerted me to these awards because she saw I'd been nominated. Of course I just looked them up and YOU are the kind person who nominated me! Thank you! I am so touched by your support of my book, Tarie. Hey, did you ever get the edition I posted you?
Tarie said…
Little Willow, THANK YOU. I have basically been unhappy this past week because of all the typhoons. But I still have my happy thoughts. And those happy thoughts include you and the other kickers who have been showing your concern and praying for me and my loved ones and sending well wishes!

Sally, you are most welcome! Chenxi and the Foreigner is the best YA novel I've read this year. Of course I nominated it! I haven't received your post yet. I think it is just very delayed. We have been hit by several typhoons and one more is supposed to be on its way. Government offices, such as the post office, are caught up in all the relief efforts. I'm sure I'll get it though! Thank you again!
Carrie Harris said…
Yay! Congrats on the panelist spot! I'm waving to you from my spot on the YA panel.
Tarie said…
Hi, Carrie! *waves back and then jumps up and down in excitement* I am so anxious for Jan. 1 already!