Books I Scored at the 30th Manila International Book Fair

This is my first time to participate in the In My Mailbox meme from Alea of pop culture junkie and Kristi of The Story Siren. Here goes!

Below are the children's and YA books I bought Saturday at the 30th Manila International Book Fair. :D

From Taiwan:

The Careless Boy, Mr. Know-it-all (The Illustrated Sutra of the One Hundred Parables Vol. 3) by Yun-peng Kung, Chia-chi Kuan, and Kristian Kildall

From the Philippines:

Children of Two Seasons: Poems for Young People written by Lara Saguisag and illustrated by Hubert B. Fucio

The Brothers Wu and the Good-Luck Eel: A Tale from the Philippine Islands written by Fran Ng and illustrated by Arnel Mirasol

Haluhalo Espesyal written by Yvette Ferreol and illustrated by Jill Arwen Posadas

Papa's House, Mama's House written by Jean Lee Patindol and illustrated by Mark Ramsel Salvatus III

Naku, Nakuu, Nakuuu! written by Nanoy Rafael and illustrated by Sergio Bumatay III

Displaced by Aneka Rodriguez

Ang Inuwi ni Nanay / What Mama Brought Home by Ramon C. Sunico (Darn, no cover image available online!)

The Grand Parade written by Carla Pacis and Nanoy Rafael and illustrated by Marcus Nada (Double darn re: no cover image available.)

From the US:

The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming (Book II of The Brotherhood of the Conch) by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports (Maximum Ride, Book 3) by James Patterson

Double Dutch by Sharon M. Draper

Sweet Valley High #1: Double Love by Francine Pascal

Ghost Ship written by Mary Higgins Clark and illustrated by Wendell Minor


Rebecca said…
Great books you got this week. I quite like the Maximum Ride series. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.
Tarie said…
Hi, Rebecca! The best part was that they were all on sale so they each only cost the equivalent of one or two US dollars!
Nymeth said…
Awesome! I haven't read any of them, but so many have fantastic cover art.

PS: Happy belated birthday, Tarie!! *hugs*
Avril said…
I still have most of the original Sweet Valley Twins, High and University series. :) And Some of the sagas. *sigh* Memories.

Love the new background, by the way (yeah, I've been gone awhile). Belated happy birthday!
Tarie said…
Nymeth, I was thinking of you during the book fair. Especially when I saw the creators of Trese. ;) I wish you had been there. I know you would have picked up and liked a lot of the Philippine books. *hugs*

Aves, I luuurve Sweet Valley High. Hehehe. I miss you!!!
austenfan said…
I read Sweet Valley books before and I find it sort of weird that new versions of it just keep on coming out. Haha. Does it have new characters? :)
Tarie said…
Austenfan, the plots and characters are exactly the same. They just updated the books. :o) For example, instead of the twins talking to their friends on the telephone, they are talking to their friends on their cellphones. Their high school still has a newspaper. But their newspaper is now online. Elizabeth still writes for the school news... In fact, she is a blogger! Their car has been updated too, etc. But same themes, issues, problems, etc. :o)