Wow, my second Butterfly Award. :D

Last December, I was thrilled that Into the Wardrobe received the Butterfly Award from Kaza Kingsley, author of the really fun and cool young adult fantasy series Erec Rex. Thank you again, Kaza! I passed on the award to the always charming and uplifting jama rattigan's alphabet soup, a blog (one of my favorites) on children's literature and food. YUM. :D

I am really honored that Into the Wardrobe has just received another Butterfly Award, this time from Just One More Book!! Just One More Book!! is an excellent resource on children's literature (another one of my favorites), so this means a lot to me. Thank you, Mark and Andrea! I really respect and admire you and your podcast/website.

Who will I give the award to this time around? Renay's YA Fabulous! I think Renay is really cool, and I think her blog about books for teens is really cool. Rock on, Renay, rock on! YA Fabulous is indeed FABULOUS. :D

It's your turn, Renay. You can share the Butterfly Award (on your site) with up to ten other blogs. Which blogs do you think are uber cool?


jama said…
Woo Hoo! Congratulations again, Tarie. What an honor coming from Just One More Book. Now you've got extra butterfly wings to soar around the blogosphere. :)
Tarie said…
Thank you, Jama. I love the idea of me using the butterfly wings to soar around the blogosphere! :o)