A Third Butterfly Award :D

WOW. Today I received my third Butterfly Award. Vicki of Random Rants of a Starter Mom thinks my blog is cool! Thank you, Vicki! This award from Vicki means a lot to me because I think Vicki is real smart and strong. And because she's a mommy - she has a little boy and a little girl (y'all know I have massive respect for mommies). Thank you again, Vicki. :o)

So which blog do I tag now? What is another blog that I think is cool, cool, cool? Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast! At Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, Jules and Eisha give us EXCELLENT blog posts on children's literature. I especially love the amazing features on children's book illustrators. They are so informative and inspiring, and the pictures are always a delightful visual treat. Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast is one of the best blogs on children's literature. Plus, Jules and Eisha are sooper nice.

So, tag, Jules and Eisha, you're it! You can give the Butterfly Award to up to ten blogs you think are just the coolest. :D


Jules at 7-Imp said…
Oh my, I'm so slow in recognizing this. THANK YOU very much! It's terrifically thoughtful of you, and it means a lot.
Tarie said…
Hi, Jules! I mean it, 7-Imp is so impossibly COOL. :D