The World Taekwondo Federation's World Poomsae Championships 2008

My younger brothers JP and Brian just got back from a week in Ankara, Turkey. They brought back with them boxes of Turkish Delight in assorted flavors (woot!), apple tea, fresh figs, dates, beautiful fabrics, and turquoise. But more importantly they brought back the bronze medal in the men's team competition of the World Taekwondo Federation's World Poomsae Championships 2008.

Click here to watch JP, Brian, and their teammate Tonek in round 1 of the competition. Click here to watch them perform a different poomsae routine in round 2. For both rounds Brian is at the back of the formation, and JP is to the viewer's right.

Congratulations JP, Brian, and Tonek! To visitors of Into the Wardrobe: I hope you enjoy the videos. :D

Update/edit: Here are a couple of pictures of the bronze medalists!


Tonek and JP


Isaac said…
Congrats to JP and Brian! Can I get some Turkish Delights? Woot!
Tarie said…
Thanks, Isaac! :o)

And yes, you may have some Turkish Delight. But maybe I have put a spell on the Turkish Delight the way the White Witch did in the Chronicles of Narnia. :P