Thank you, Secret Santa!

On Friday I was pleasantly surprised to receive a package from Portugal. I realized it was the gift from my Secret Santa, courtesy of the Book Bloggers Christmas Swap!

I discovered that my Secret Santa is Ana, a.k.a. Nymeth, of things mean a lot. Nymeth was very thoughtful and sent me a touching Christmas card, two lovely homemade bookmarks, and this children's/YA fantasy novel:

As appalling as it sounds, I have yet to read any of Terry Pratchett's work. So Nymeth's gift is really great. :D Thank you, Nymeth!!! *big hug from across the seas*

Today I bought and sent the gift for the person I got for the Book Bloggers Christmas Swap. She should get it by Friday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she will like it. The Book Bloggers Christmas Swap is a fun way to get to know new people. I will definitely join it again next year. I am so happy to "meet" you, Nymeth!


Nymeth said…
You're most welcome! *returns the hugs from across the seas* I really hope you enjoy the book! Terry Pratchett is an author I'm very passionate about, and I love sharing him with others :)

I bet your person will love their gift! I'm really glad you had fun with the swap :)
Tarie said…
Nymeth, I am also tickled to have the UK version of The Wee Free Men. :D Most of the books sold here in the Philippines are the American editions!
Nymeth said…
Over here we get mostly UK edtiions. Which I'm very glad for in the case of Terry Pratchett's books, because I think the UK covers are prettier :P