And the gift card goes to...

...Cow! (Yes, he goes by the name "Cow".) Congratulations, Cow. You are the winner of the very first Into the Wardrobe giveaway, and you get a $20 Amazon gift card - or a PHP1,000 gift card for a Philippine bookstore since you are in the Philippines. You choose. ;)

In his entry for the giveaway, Cow said that he read and enjoyed the YA fantasy novel Secret Sacrament by Sherryl Jordan. He said that he would use the gift card to buy its sequel Time of the Eagle.

If you are wondering how I chose the winner... I put the names of the participants on slips of paper, put the slips of paper in a bag from a bookstore, gave the bag a good shake, then had my mom pick out one slip of paper. Hehehe.

To everyone else who joined the giveaway, don't worry! I find giveaways addicting, so I will have more soon. :D

Happy reading, all!