The Book of Nonsense by David Michael Slater

The book is ancient, ravaged and full of utter nonsense. But the moment it enters Daphna and Dexter's lives, bizarre things begin to happen. Why is their father, who found the book, suddenly so distant? Is the old man who took it from him some kind of hypnotist? Why is a giant, red-eyed boy menacing them? And what does their thirteenth birthday have to do with all this? Daphna and Dexter can't stand each other, but they'll have to work together to learn the truth about the Book of Nonsense - before their lives come apart completely.

The Book of Nonsense is the first volume of the Sacred Books series by David Michael Slater. It is nominated for a Cybils award in the middle grade fiction category. I wonder why it was not nominated in the fantasy/science fiction category. ;)

What kept me reading The Book of Nonsense? I wanted to find out who the terrifying old man in the shop full of books on magic and the red-eyed bully really were. I wanted to find out what was so special about the ancient book and Daphna and Dexter's thirteenth birthday. I wanted to know the answers to all of the mysteries in the story! What has me curious about the rest of the series? I am curious about the development of Daphna and Dexter's potential mystical powers and the development of their relationship as twins. I want to know how all of the clues will eventually fall into place and make sense and reveal the entire truth about the ancient book, the old man in the book shop, and the twins' dead mother. Who will enjoy The Book of Nonsense? Middle graders who want to read mystical mysteries full of surprises. They will find all of the plot's twists and turns and all of the clues to puzzle over very interesting.

Read my interview with David Michael Slater. I ask him about the possible controversy involving The Book of Nonsense!


Anonymous said…
I had the pleasure of hearing David Michael Slater speak at a SCBWI event. Unlike so many writers who have a 'drawer' novel, he's never given up on one of his manuscripts. He showed us 3 inch binders full of rejection letters. Some of his works had been rejected over a hundred times! But he kept at it and sold them all. He's such an inspiration.
Tarie said…
Hi, Lisa! It's such a pleasure to make your acquaintance. :D Thank you for the information about David. I didn't know all that! He IS a great guy. And The Book of Nonsense constantly surprised me. LOL.