Twilight Tuesday: Interviews of Stephenie Meyer, Robert Pattison, and Kristen Stewart

I excused myself from Twilight Tuesday for a couple weeks. Now I'm baaack. :o) I wanted to share these fun videos. The first video is a recent interview with Stephenie Meyer. We don't learn a lot of new things from this interview, but it's still really great to see Stephenie on the Ellen Degeneres Show!

The second video is a Borders interview with Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart. I found this interview really revealing. Robert shares a lot about how he played Edward and Kristen shares one important reason why Robert is the best actor to play Edward.

What did you think of the interviews? :o)


Avril said…
From watching several of his interviews, I'm not too impressed by how Rob does interviews. He doesn't seem to actually SAY anything.
Tarie said…
Really? He's not very articulate, but I have learned some things from his interviews. I don't like him, but he seems pretty intelligent to me. Hehehe. :o)
I was really disappointed with the Ellen interview. We didn't learn anything new and it was all but three minutes long.
Tarie said…
Yeah. :o( But I think it was all new information for Ellen's viewers (target audience)... ?