This week, let's move Twilight Tuesday to Monday, shall we?

Awesome news: The Twilight movie will be released here in the Philippines on Nov. 20. That's right, a day before it is released in the US!



Natalie said…
Found out my SIL is reading the series too. I am so behind!
Tarie said…
Hahaha! It's ok. Not everyone is into vampire love... or has time for vampire love! And you could always just watch the movie. ;)
I saw a preview for the movie - it looks really interesting! Now that I'm watching "True Blood" (vampire show on HBO, but very hard core) I'm becoming more interested in vampire literature.
Tarie said…
Hi, Ari! I actually started reading the Twilight series because of the interesting preview for the Twilight movie! :o) I've seen a commercial for True Blood. Haven't seen an episode yet, but I want to!