Yanka and Jonette tagged me. :o)

Four places I go to, over and over:

Cubao - because it is a part of my daily commute :P
the Fully Booked bookstore in Gateway Mall
the University of the Philippines Diliman campus (for class)
Crossroad 77 (for church)

I wanted to include "home" and "work." I don't go out much!

Four people who email me regularly:


WORK emails. :P

Four of my favorite places to eat at:

Galileo Enoteca & Deli - Romantic ambiance! Excellent and affordable Italian wines, cheeses, and cold cuts!!!
the Chocolate Kiss Cafe - I never get tired of their food. And I only eat there with my closest friends. :D
In-Yo - Good fusion cuisine! Casual fine dining!
A Venetto - Pizzaaaaaa. Chicken parmigianoooooo. Eggplant parmigianoooooo.

Four places I'd rather be:

New York City
Las Vegas
in a fabulous hotel room

Four tv shows I could watch over and over:

My So-Called Life
The West Wing
Gilmore Girls


Avril said…
Really? I mailed you the third most? :)

Hmmm... I'm...sorry? :P
Tarie said…
Hahaha! There's nothing to be sorry about! :D