Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky

Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky is about the exhilarating experience of first love... and the shock and pain of first heartbreak. It is the story of Dominique Baylor's first romantic relationship. Actually, it is the story of almost every girl's first serious relationship.

Seventeen-year-old Dom is crazy about Wesley Gershwin. She tells us their story in three parts. In Part I, Dom and Wes meet and become friends. This part of the novel perfectly captures the hope and uncertainty - the emotional roller coaster that is getting to know a boy you really, really like. In Part II, Dom and Wes are a very happy couple in a very passionate relationship. All Dom can think about is Wes. All Dom really cares about is Wes. All she wants to do is spend time with him. And Wes loves Dom too!

(A warning: Those uncomfortable reading about the physical part of a relationship should stay away from this book. Anatomy of a Boyfriend is accurate - read: very explicit and honest - in its depiction of the hormonal part of young love.)

In Part III, Dom and Wes have graduated from high school and are in their first semester in college. Wes at NYU in New York City, Dom at Tulane in New Orleans. We all know what happens in Part III, don't we? Most relationships have a "Part III." Dom and Wes meet new people and start changing. Someone falls out of love and someone gets hurt....

Anatomy of a Boyfriend is almost scarily accurate in its portrayal of how mysterious and confusing boys can be and how irrational, painful, and exciting love can get. Very rarely is a book this realistic, complete, and authentic in its expression of teenage love.


cy said…
whoa whoa whoa. reviews like this make me itch to read the book. i really don't like buying a book blind, so reviews like this help out a lot. =)
Tarie said…
THIS I think you will like CY. I'll lend this to you when you get back, if you want to read it. We would have A LOT to discuss from this book. ;o)