Twilight Tuesday

Every Tuesday on MTV (USA) is "Twilight Tuesday": great stuff (behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, etc.) about the Twilight movie is shared. Hmm, good idea. :o) Not that I will blog about Twilight (the books or the movie) every single Tuesday. For one, I wouldn't have enough to blog about. LOL. I haven't finished reading the series yet! (I finished reading book one of the "saga" Sunday evening. I'm hooked! Okay, I admit it: I'm actually OBSESSED with Twilight now.) But I figure that if I do want to blog about Twilight (the books or the movie), I can do that on a Tuesday. :o)

Here are the two trailers for Twilight the movie. I actually started reading Twilight because my interest was piqued by the first trailer. That's right, my interest wasn't piqued by the millions of readers and the dozens of Twilight-themed posts in the blogosphere. I picked up Twilight because the movie trailer hinted at a good movie. I wanted to read the novel so that I would be able to fully appreciate the movie in December.

So... Who thinks I am crazy for watching these trailers over and over and over again every day? ;o) It's okay, don't be shy. :oP


You're not crazy. ;) So fun to see you read this series. I'm curious to see what you think once you're finally through all four books.
Tarie said…
Natasha!!! *hug*

Yeah, I am also curious about what I will think after reading all the books. LOL. I want to see the books as ONE long narrative. :D
Avril said…
Yes, please keep in mind that you have to take all 4 books as a single story, please don't be someone who chops it all up into 4 separate books and likes some and not others. Each book plays a part and is meant to be experienced that way. :)

Oh, and you have to read this one:
Tarie said…
Thanks so much, Aves! :D