Twilight Tuesday: Sam and Embry

Last night I finished reading Eclipse, and today I bought Breaking Dawn. I am liking the Twilight series more and more! I am torn about something though. I have always LOVED werewolves. I've never really liked vampires. I am fire, not ice... But I love the Cullen vampire coven. I really wish the Cullens and the Quileute werewolves would be friends. *sigh*

For this edition of Twilight Tuesday, I would like to share some pictures of Solomon and Krys, the actors who play the werewolves Sam and Embry in the Twilight movie. Click here to check out the BEAUTIFUL shots (they are copyrighted by Amy Howe Photography). Then step back Into the Wardrobe to watch a fun interview of Solomon and Krys from Twilight Lexicon!