I can use more than one word!

I'm feeling down about something... Been disappointed about something for a while now. I distracted myself for a while by finally answering this meme that Aves of Trying to Wake tagged me for.

1. What date is it? August 1, 2008
2. What time did you wake up? 8 a.m., to the alarm...
3. Did you go somewhere yesterday? I went to work yesterday.
4. What did you do there? Edited materials on nuclear technology.
5. How old are you? Um. I've never actually given my age on this blog...
6. Are you mature or immature? Is this a trick question? Well, there are some things I am mature about, and some things I am immature about.
7. What do you call your mom and dad? Mommy/Mom and Daddy/Dad. Sometimes, when talking to my brothers, I call Mom “The Mother.”
8. Are you an only child? Hahahaha! I have nine siblings.
9. Where do you go shopping? Trinoma and SM North.
10. Do you like school? Yes. :o)
11. Do you like books? Hahahaha. LOVE books.
12. Do you want to get married? Er. If it will be a good marriage, yes.
13. With whom? I have no idea. It's really okay if I don't get married.
14. Are you spoiled? In some ways, yes.
15. What's the most flattering compliment you ever got? The one from my semantics professor. :D
16. Only girl/boy in the family? The answer to this question is complicated.
17. If you were to marry a celebrity, who would it be? Oh! Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian)!
18. Would you like to meet Josh Hartnett? Nope.
19. Where do you think your bestfriend is? She's on a flight to the US right now. :o)
20. When was the last time you talked to your best friend? Yesterday, through text.
21. You think she/he needs you now? She's probably asleep.
22. What do you want for your birthday? Good question. I don't have an answer right now.
23. If you were to buy a car, which car would it be? I have no idea.
24. A duet with Heart Evangelista? What?!
25. Do you wear make-up? Blush and lip gloss sometimes.
26. What lip balm do you use? Burt's Bees Raspberry Lip Gloss, a Christmas gift from Yanka. Weee!
27. Would you get a tattoo? Maybe.
28. Belly pierce? No. I used to want one though.
29. How many kids do you want? Ah! Three. At least one girl. :o)
30. Do you have any homework? I have a take-home exam!
31. Any song that you’re listening to? Nope.
32. Do you believe in spells? Nope.
33. Where do you want to go now? I don't know. Home, maybe.

I invite everyone to share their answers to any of the questions in the comments section! :o)