Giant Girl Rampages

I received an interesting friend invitation on Jacketflap, the social networking website for the children's book industry. The friend invitation was from Melly Mills, the protagonist of a middle grade/young adult novel. Now this is not what made the invite interesting; there are other social networking accounts for fictional characters. Melly is extra special because she is the main character of Giant Girl Rampages, the very first blog-novel for middle graders and teens!

From Melly's Jacketflap profile:

"Melly Mills is very tall. Freakishly impossibly tall. Basketball hoops come up to her hips, and most people are only a bit taller than her knees. She looks down on giraffes, and has to bend down to peek into a second-story window. She's just a bit shy of 18 feet, and as far as she can tell from the Book of World Records, nobody else has ever been anywhere near as tall as that.

Worried for her safetly, Melly's parents kept her sheltered from public view in the middle acres of their family farm. When her parents passed away, Melly found herself alone in a world that knew nothing of her existence--until the day she strolled into town and caused a bit of a scene. The name of her blog is taken from that day's newspaper headline: 'Giant girl rampages through town'.

Melly has been taken in by the Appletons, who own an orchard adjacent to Mills Farm, which makes it convenient for her to continue caring for her beloved cows. She is being tutored by her physician, Dr. Crisp, and expects to attend public school for the first time, starting in the fall."

That sounds like a promising story to me!

Now what is a blog-novel? According to Making Melly Mills, the behind the scenes guide to Giant Girl Rampages, a blog-novel is a traditionally-structured work of fiction published in blog format by one or more blogging protagonists in real time. This seems like a fun work of fiction and I am truly fascinated by it. The Giant Girl Creative Team is a team of four authors who have come together to create a story using web technology, instant-publishing, and real-time storytelling techniques. They have a combined total of 27 years experience writing for children and young adults - fifteen published novels and non-fiction books. And right now they are anonymous! I am getting curiouser and curiouser. I can't wait till the authors reveal who they are!

Check out Giant Girl Rampages. I want to know what you think too. :o)


Big Melly Mills said…
Thanks, Tarie!!!
Tarie said…
Oh hey there, Melly! I was just telling my friends about you. ;o) I am so glad I found out about Giant Girl Rampages. I am really intrigued!
Isaac said…
Hi Melly Mills! I think it's absolutely cool that you have a blog novel. And whoa! You're 18-foot tall?? That's amazing. I'm just wondering if your issues are more magnified than ours....

Anyway, goodluck on your studies. School is fun. And more importatnly, I hope you gain a lot of friends :) I will check on you regularly through your blog!
Big Melly Mills said…
No, I'm only 17 feet 10 and a half inches tall. The newspapers like to exaggerate!!!
Tarie said…
Hahahahaha! :o)