Wow, June already?

Hi, all. :o)

I am sad that May, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, is over. It's a good thing Asian Americans and Asian American children's/YA literature rock EVERY month! Woohoo! :D I haven't finished reading all of the Fusion Stories yet, so I will continue reading and reviewing Fusion Stories and other Asian American children's/YA literature this month. (I'll be reading and reviewing books from other genres too of course.)

I can't think of a better way to end Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and begin a new month than by hosting Mitali Perkins, author of the Fusion Story First Daughter: White House Rules. I will be posting my interview of Mitali soon, so stay tuned!

Another great way to end the month of May is to check out the May 2008 Carnival of Children's Literature, hosted by children's book author Melissa Wiley at her blog Here in the Bonny Glen.

For every edition of the blog carnival of children's literature, members of the kidlitosphere submit their favorite and/or best posts of the month. So checking out the carnival is a sure-fire way to find great posts on children's literature and discover great blogs on children's literature. Enjoy! :o)