Poetry Friday: Appraisal by Sara Teasdale

Never think she loves him wholly
Never believe her love is blind
All his faults are locked securely
In a closet of her mind;
All his indecisions folded
Like old flags that time has faded,
Limp and streaked with rain,
And his cautiousness like garments
Frayed and thin, with many a stain--
Let them be, oh let them be,
There is treasure to outweigh them,
His proud will that sharply stirred,
Climbs as surely as the tide.
Senses strained too taut to sleep,
Gentleness to beast and bird,
Humor flickering hushed and wide,
As the moon on moving water,
And a tenderness too deep
To be gathered in a word.

In First Daughter: White House Rules by Mitali Perkins, the main character Sameera and her cousin and best friend Miranda ponder their non-negotiables for relationships. They try to determine the top three qualities they want in a romantic partner. As long as a guy has those top three qualities, they will accept the rest of his qualities, faults and all. One night, when Sameera's heart is aching, Miranda reads "Appraisal" by Sara Teasdale aloud to her. Sameera and Miranda are both soothed by the poem. :o)

I found "Appraisal" surprisingly moving. And one day, when my best friend's heart was aching a bit, I introduced the poem to her and she was also moved by it. What do you think of the poem? :o)


Anonymous said…
Absolutely healing.
Tarie said…
I agree! *happy sigh* :o)