Thursday, June 12, 2008

The New Kids on the Block are back!

Talk about trying to recapture my youth... Donnie, Joey, Danny, Jordan, and Jon are back with a new single: "Summertime." Yes, it's cheesy and they may be too old for the song and video. "Summertime" just might grow on you though. Hahahahahahaha! And c'mon, it's the New Kids on the Block! I remember being a fan when I was in elementary school. I think I had a crush on Jordan and Joey. After all these years Jordan is still the coolest member of the group!

Anyone else a (former) New Kids on the Block fan? 'Fess up! :o)


Isaac said...

I remember the New Kids on the Block. Reminds me of my gradeschool days, hahaha :) I like their song "I've Been Waiting for You". I don't remember who the members are though....

I think their comeback is fun. But maybe they should reconsider a new group name? Teehee :P

Tarie said...

Their comeback IS fun. Their latest single, "Summertime," is just okay. But it has grown on me. :o) I heard "Click Click Click," their other new song (not released yet - I just heard part of it), and it is really good!