More Prince Caspian

I was finally able to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian again. I am amazed about how the movie is so different from the book, and yet so faithful to it. There were major plot, character, and theme changes. But the movie was able to capture and bring to life the magic of the book. Also, the movie stirred almost exactly the same feelings in me that the book did.

I know that there are many people who do not like the novel because of its Christian message. On the other hand, I have heard that there are many people who do not like the movie because it seems to have removed that Christian message. Hmmm. The Christian values are there. They are just implied. In the book they were more explicit.

I think that if you and your family want to watch a really entertaining action/adventure/fantasy movie, but are not necessarily looking for anything religious or spiritual, you will be satisfied with Prince Caspian. If you are looking for the Christian values that were in the book, I think that you will also like the movie. Open the eyes of your heart while watching the movie and you'll see. :o) Now if you are like me and you are looking for a good fantasy story and spiritual enrichment, I think you will love the movie!


Kerrie said…
Have I mentioned that I can't wait for the DVD? We seldom see movies in theatres these days... theatres and small children just don't mix - LOL!
We're reading the books out loud again while we wait!
Tarie said…
Reading the books together as a family sounds WONDERFUL. *happy sigh*

I can't wait till the DVD comes out so you guys can watch it!