Harry Potter Prequel?

J.K. Rowling has handwritten an 800-word story about James Potter and Sirius Black that takes place three years before Harry Potter was born. The story card was recently auctioned off for charity. Unfortunately, the story is not from a prequel that Rowling is working on. :o(

You can click here to read Rowling's account of writing the story and (hurray!) here to read the story. I've read the story. I don't think it's anything spectacular. But it was great reading something new from the Harry Potter stories. It was wonderful returning to the world of Harry Potter. I want more!

Thanks to Wizards Wireless and Publishers Weekly Children's Bookshelf for the links!


Isaac said…
Tarie, thanks for sharing this with me/us! Don't I just love being your friend and avid reader of your blog?! It's good to get a glimpse of HP's world again... I miss it so much. If asked in which magical world I'd like to live, I'd say HP's is my # 1 choice (then Middle-Earth then Narnia).

It was fun reading Sirius and James' story. My only complaint is that it's "bitin" (too short and leaves you begging for more). Now, if I could only get my hands on Rowling's Tales of Beedle the Bard....
Tarie said…
*Sigh* I miss the world of Harry Potter too. I wish there were more Harry Potter stories! Hopefully JK Rowling will write more great books in the near future. :o)