The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

My favorite books include the Chronicles of Narnia. I love these books so much, mostly because I love the wonderful characters, like Aslan, Peter, Lucy, Trufflehunter, and Reepicheep. The charming Narnia stories make me very tender. I re-read Prince Caspian to prepare myself for its movie adaptation. Believe it or not, Prince Caspian made me break down and cry, just like the first time I read it.

Oh, and the Christianity in the stories that make many people hate them? I also love the series because of the Christianity in them. :o) I love how the books speak to me as a lover of fantasy stories and as a Christian. I celebrate the Christian message of the Chronicles of Narnia!

I think the movie is a great adaptation of the book. A lot of things were changed. There were plot changes. There was a lot more adventure in the movie. And romance was even added to the story. There were also some character changes. I found Glozelle to be almost a completely different character. Peter was given flaws he did not have in the book and Susan was given character strengths she did not have in the book. But all of the changes were made to add more drama and excitement to the movie. The spirit of the story is still very much intact. The essence of the book is still there, and very clear.

The movie had humor. There was exciting action. The costumes, set design, and special effects were excellent. The music was amazing - really stirring. I only have one complaint: I wish Aslan had played a much bigger role in the movie. Aslan is the number one reason I love the Chronicles of Narnia so much.

The movie had a nostalgic feel. There were many beautiful references to the first movie, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The Pevensie children miss the time they reigned during Narnia's Golden Age and are very sad about leaving Narnia. The nostalgia and sadness were so palpable that I now miss the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and want to watch it again.

Prince Caspian is an exciting and entertaining movie. I highly recommend you watch it. :o) If you liked the book, you will like the story even more after watching the movie. If you haven't read the book, you will still enjoy the movie as a good fantasy movie for the whole family.

Now I must watch Prince Caspian a second time!


Natalie said…
I haven't seen it yet... probably have to wait for the rental, but I loved the books and the first movie.
Tarie said…
Natalie, I think you and your family will really enjoy Prince Caspian! It's a good adaptation of a book and a good movie. :D
Isaac said…
I've been waiting for Prince Caspian for months... and the long wait was worth it! Bits of the story were tweaked, like Peter being violent or domineering and Susan being linked with Caspian, but I think that the essence of the story remains. Perhaps the change in Peter's character shows that he's becoming a grownup, to explains why he's not going back to Narnia...

I also enjoyed the battle scenes. The trees were really cool a la Lord of the Rings :) And the White Queen is one of the most fabulous villainesses I've seen. I love her :)

Best of all, I love Edmund (Skandar Keynes) *sigh* No explanations needed there :)
Tarie said…
Hmmm, I actually thought that Peter was acting really immature in the movie. And I thought that change to his characterization was okay because it added more tension, conflict, and drama to the movie. I think in the book Peter was very grownup, so in the book it was much clearer that he was growing too old for Narnia and had already learned all that he could from that magical land. :o)

I'm going to watch the movie again and I can't wait!
Kerrie said…
We almost never see movies in the theater so I'll be waiting for the DVD too, but I can't WAIT!
The 1st movie was so beautiful visually, although nothing will ever top the images of Narnia that formed in my childish mind when I first read the books! :-)
Tarie said…
Kerrie! *hug*

Prince Caspian is also a beautiful movie. They made major plot changes and some say that the Christian message was... discarded? But I think it is still there, only implicit, whereas in the book it was more explicit. I can't wait to hear what you think about the movie. :o)