Graduation 2008

On Sunday, April 27, my brothers JP and Brian graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman. In the morning, we were at the College of Architecture to watch Brian graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Landscape Architecture.

In the afternoon, we rushed to the ceremony of the College of Human Kinetics to watch JP graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Science.

Congratulations, JP and Brian! I am so proud of my brothers. They are smart, intelligent, handsome, sweet, kind, and talented young men.

After taking the picture above, Mommy got teary-eyed. Now all of her children have graduated from college! We know that we couldn't have done it without all her help, support, love, prayers, and wisdom. We love you so much, Mommy - and we thank you for everything!

We skipped the university-wide graduation ceremony because we were so tired after attending two college graduation ceremonies. That night we celebrated with relatives. There was a lot of talking/catching up and A LOT of food. There was grilled pork, roasted chicken, pancit Malabon, pizza, grilled fish, salad, seafood soup, sodas, mango cream pie, chocolate-marshmallow ice cream... There was so much food we couldn't finish it all!

It was a great day. I love my family so much. :o)


Natalie said…
What an accomplishment, from all of you. I think a supportive, loving family is vital to success.
Congratulations JP!
Congratulations Brian!
Cheers and blessings to all.
Tarie said…
Aww, Natalie. Thank you so much! You have an excellent point about how family is vital to success!
Isaac said…
Hi Tarie! This is a great post! I think you and your siblings are truly blessed: good looks and great brains. True achievers! Congrats to your brothers, and to you. I'm sure you were a fab elder sister to them. :) Congrats to your mom for having wonderful kids :)
Tarie said…
Thank you very much, Isaac! My brothers and I are very close. :o)
Janece said…
Congratulations to JP and Brian! That's a big deal -- and so wonderful that you could celebrate the accomplishments as a family! And what a beautiful family you are!!
Tarie said…
Thank you, thank you, Janece! It was a beautiful and fun day. :o) I was one of the noisiest in the crowds - I was really cheering for my brothers!
What a wonderful family! Many congratulations!!
Tarie said…
Natasha, thank you SO much.