Dude, Asian Americans SO rock.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is in full swing and I want to share this enlightening and uplifting video about Asian Americans! Thanks to Fusion Stories for the link. :o)


Natalie said…
I enjoyed this... being a minority, I felt very familiar with many of the statements and sentiments.
Tarie said…
Natalie! It's also Latino Books Month. I hope I can find out more about this. :o)

"The Association of American Publishers Publishing Latino Voices for America (PLVA) Task Force has declared May Latino Books Month. Throughout the month of May, booksellers, librarians, and others in the book industry are encouraged to promote reading among Latinos in their communities, and to raise awareness of the rich variety of books authored by Latinos that are available, in both English and Spanish." (from http://www.publishers.org/main/Latino/latino_01.htm)
I enjoyed this video, thanks! My husband's family is Asian. I can only hope that I can pass on the wonderful traditions (and yummy food) to my children.
Tarie said…
Oh, Natasha, I was going to ask you if your husband is Asian! Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month to your whole family! :o)