Hahaha. I know I'm supposed to be on blacation, but I just had to share these pictures of Santi. Santi (short for Santiago) is my friend/former co-worker Melissa's son. He is so CUTE! My heart belongs to Santi. :o)

These pictures of me, Santi, CY, and our friend/co-worker Carlo were taken last Wednesday in the office.


Kerrie said…
Oh my gosh - he IS a cutie!
Now he's got both our hearts!
I love how his expression barely changes in all the photos... like "Yeah, I'm too awesome, you all bore me..." LOL!
Tarie said…
Hahahahahahahahahaha! :D

Melissa would bring Santi to the office every once in a while and everyone would ooohhh and aaahhh over his cute-ness. He's such a sweet and friendly little boy!