Hi, there! I've been on an unintended vacation from my blog ("blacation") for some time now. I miss blogging and visiting other blogs! But I've been busy. My dad was in town, visiting from the U.S. I only get to see him once a year. My mom was in town too, visiting from General Santos City. It was her birthday on March 5! Then my cousins Clair (aka Clair Bear) and James (aka Ejam) came in from the U.S.

I miss the blogosphere, but my blacation will continue, now on purpose. ;) I have a paper on Macbeth to pass next week - I will examine how the witches caused Macbeth's downfall. It's my brother's birthday on the 23rd. And I have a KILLER Shakespeare exam (after Holy Week) to study for.

How are all of you? :o)


Anonymous said…
Hello from the Tuna Capital! When are you coming to visit your mom at her hometown? So much has changed in GenSan already.

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