Happy Thoughts

* The Arrival by the amazing Shaun Tan: a wordless narrative about the confusion and excitement in the immigrant experience. The surreal and endlessly detailed images that tell the story had me floored.

* children

*The addicting website Just One More Book: a treasure trove of podcasts on children's literature. There are interviews with authors and illustrators, and reviews/discussions of excellent children's books.

* soft, warm croissants with hot coffee

* Shen's Blog: the official blog of Shen's Books, a U.S. publisher with a specialty in children's books on Asian cultures!

* lots of sticky glutinous rice cake at home because of the Chinese new year

* The blog of children's book illustrator and writer Elizabeth O. Dulemba: free cute coloring pages every Tuesday. Weee!

* teaching English to children

* book talks

* book trailers



Thanks for the warm words for JustOneMoreBook!, for listening and leaving your thoughts on our site.

BTW, the coffee's wonderful and the croissants aren't just warm, they're warm, filled with goat cheese and sprinkled with rosemary. mmmmm....

Thanks again!
Tarie Sabido said…
Thanks so much for visiting, Andrea! JustOneMoreBook! is REALLY GREAT. :o) And those croissants you described are making my mouth water!