Thursday, January 10, 2008

Looky what I got!

My Tita Joy sent these old pictures of me and my family. Thank you, Tita Joy! :o) I don't even remember this picture being taken, so I don't know how old I am here. I'm in the purplish shirt (I hope that was pretty obvious - hahahaha) and next to me are my cousins Stephanie and Sabrina. Across from me, in white, is Mommy. And that little boy in blue is my youngest brother Brian. In the back are my Tita Jen (Stephanie and Sabrina's mom) and my Auntie Nene (Stephanie and Sabrina's grandmom). I admit that I don't remember the others in the pictures!


Tarie said...

My brother JP says:

Sucks cause I'm not there.

Tarie said...

Hmmm, but JP is right there in the background of my profile picture. Hahaha!

anya said...

You were so cute!

Tarie said...

Thank you, Anya!

April, Blessie, and Gerbie say it doesn't look like me. Waaahhh. Please don't say you agree with them. :P

anya said...

Of course the pictures look like you! I do not agree and hereby declare that they are partially blind and can no longer be trusted with the goSoft resources.

Oops. haha