JP in the newspaper!

My brother is an accomplished athlete. A couple of weeks ago he was interviewed by the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Below is the article:

JP Sabido started with tag football and Little League baseball. A few years after, he began his training in taekwondo. Now, he’s someone you don’t mess around with. Aside from the martial arts, the guy’s into dancesport.

He’s the team captain of the Philippine National Poomsae Team and the Philippine National Hanmadang Team, former team captain of the UP Taekwondo Varsity Team, and a member of the UP Dance Sport Society. JP’s scored tons of medals for the country.

Did you always know you were going to be an athlete?

Inevitable! I believe I was born to be an athlete.

Who’s the athlete that you look up to the most?

At this moment, none. But if there were an athlete that I’d look up to the most, it would be an athlete that’s not only a champion in his sport, but also a champion in life.

Why is playing sports important to you?

The word “sport” is a formal way of saying play. Let’s take it from a child’s perspective. Why is it important for a child to play? This gives the child the opportunity to develop socially, mentally, and physically. These aspects are highly essential towards achieving a more holistic development in a child.

Physically, a child develops skills that are related to the demands in our everyday living like agility, reaction time, body coordination, balance, and strength.

The same goes for people who engage in sports. As one gets older, his social, mental, and physical skills slowly deteriorate. There will come a point wherein one will need that quick reaction time to catch a falling glass of water or to maintain the balance to keep one upright on a slippery floor. This is why engaging in sports is important. Just like what Mark Verstegen says, “We are athletes of life.”


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