Happy New Year!

Thank you very much for all your holiday greetings! I wish you all happiness, peace, good health, success, and prosperity in 2008. :)

I had a quiet and uneventful, but happy holiday season. I don't know why, but I would also describe my 2007 in that way. I was actually unhappy for most of 2007. And some major things did happen in 2007. I got a new job. Two of my aunts died: Tita Baby and Tita Beth. :( Tita Beth died of breast cancer on December 27. I'm worried about my Tito Doming (her husband) and the seven very young children she left behind. I feel terrible for them! :( I will always remember Tita Beth's pretty face, kind smile, and generosity. My strongest memory of Tita Beth is of her giving me ice candy when I was a little girl. I was visiting General Santos City with my family and we stayed in Lola's house. Tito Doming and Tita Beth were living with Lola at the time. Tita Beth would make really sweet, really creamy ice candy almost every day - the best, the most delicious ice candy I have ever tasted. Tita Beth plying me with her ice candy is an image burned into my mind - and heart...

But for some reason I still think of my 2007 as quiet and uneventful, but happy. And I had the best Christmas ever in 2007 - because of a beautiful, beautiful Christmas Eve church service filled with music and worship that brought tears to my eyes. New Year's Eve was fun with relatives, turkey, fireworks, and champagne. But I really, really hope and pray that my 2008 is a much, much better year. :)

How did you celebrate the winter holidays? What are your desires for 2008? :)