Erec Rex is coming to the Philippines!

But before that, Kaza Kingsley is stepping Into the Wardrobe. :)

I have great news: The Erec Rex series, a fantasy series for young readers by Kaza Kingsley, will soon be available in the Philippines. In anticipation of the Philippine release of this award-winning and bestselling series, the charismatic Kaza Kingsley will be a guest blogger right here at Into the Wardrobe!

Kaza will be on a blog tour starting tomorrow, Jan. 7. Her first stop is at A Fort Made of Books. On Jan. 17 Kaza will be at Into the Wardrobe! The good news doesn't stop there: You can already start leaving comments and questions here for Kaza! For the next week or so she will be visiting Into the Wardrobe regularly to reply to readers' comments and questions. So drop Kaza a line through this blog - it'll be fun! :)

Here are the other stops in Kaza's blog tour:

Jan. 8 - Books4Ever
Jan. 9 - Baseballs and Bows
Jan. 10 - Fanatic Space Blog
Jan. 11 - Bibliophile's Retreat
Jan. 12 - Children's Literature Book Club
Jan. 13 - Stephanie's Confessions of a Book-A-Holic
Jan. 14 - A Year of Books
Jan. 15 - Author Chris Rettstatt's blog
Jan. 16 - Deliciously Clean Reads
Jan. 18 - Real Gurlz Magazine
Jan. 19 - Chauceriangirl

Let me leave you with a little introduction to the Erec Rex series from its official website:

Enter Alypium, a strange hidden world within our own where our old knowledge of magic is kept. Although it is beautiful and mystical, things are caving in with the king hypnotized and his castle turned on its side. Even the very Substance that holds things together has gone awry … and nobody knows how to fix it.

Return with Erec to where his mother is held hostage by an evil king. Only he can learn the way to set her free.

Experience the mysterious contests to see who will be the next rulers of these lands. Kids have gathered from the unknown parts of our world, but only three will win . . . of course the most likely three have an evil plan.

Can you hear the whispers in a dark room that tell of evil plans to destroy Alypium and the surrounding lands? Is it the same person who has put a spell on the king and is attacking the contest winners?

The Erec Rex series is packed with action, mystery, humor, a colorful cast of characters, and a riveting plot.


Thanks for hosting me Tarie! I'm looking forward to this tour - it will be great to meet some of your readers!!
Kaza Kingsley
Author of the Erec Rex series
Julie said…
Hello Kaza!

I can't wait to get my hands on your Erec Rex series! I enjoy reading fantasy books - A LOT! I get sucked in the adventure as I journey through the remarkable and uncanny pursuits of protagonists whom I normally hate in the beginning and love in the end. I love how everything is so ironic when I read fantasy books - when it messes with my head and leaves me powerless to try to think what could possibly happen next. I love how I tend to forget that everything's just fantasy when I'm in the middle of a really good book.

That's a great gift... to have the ability to make people forget reality and enter a world you've created from your imagination. How DO you do it??

I look forward to a weekend in Alypium with your series that I'm sure I won't be able to put down.

Natalie said…
Oh dear! I better get to the book store stat! Alex has been reading for hours every day and he's pages away from finishing another book. This seems like an awesome opportunity to *meet* a new author! Thank you Tarie.
putingtikbalang said…
Hello, Kaza! I'd have to admit, I've never had the opportunity to read your Erec Rex series, I'm looking forward to reading the first book. Welcome, and hope you visit the Philippines Soon! Mabuhay! :)
Hi everyone! Great to meet you! I'm looking forward to coming soon to Tarie's blog. It's great meeting new people, and "touring" from home!

Julie - I totally know what you mean. I feel the same way when I get into a good fantasy book. It's the best escape for me from the real world's stresses. You know, it's funny, but I also feel that way when I write! It's a real escape for me. When I get really into writing it's like watching a movie unfolding! Fun...

Natalie - if you pick up an Erec Rex book for Alex I hope you get a chance to read it, too!!

Putingtikbalang, thank you for your welcome! I would SO much like to visit the Philippines, and soon! It would be so lovely...

I hope to hear from you all when I'm at Tarie's blog! My other tour stops are listed there, too - stop on by!
Luv, Kaza
Anonymous said…
What a cute acronym! Very creative! Thanks for visiting my blog. I like your title as well. You will never guess what I am reading aloud to my son right now: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe!

Have a great weekend!
Tin (ni Johann) said…
sounds very interesting --

Congrats, Tarie~