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Anonymous said…
Hi, Tarie.

It's not every day we get a chance to meet a real live published author - albeit virtually, - so I hope you don't mind if I send Kaza these mini-interview questions through your blog:

Hi, Kaza! We're so glad you dropped by!

There are a lot of questions I always thought I'd like to ask a writer when I meet a real live one, but this "comments" box is tiny, so I'll just put in my first three.

I hope you don't mind answering them :-)

1) Which of your stories do you consider your best work, and why?
2) Why did you choose to write stories for children? If you had to choose another target audience, what would it be, and why?
3) If you could be any color in the world, what would you want to be? (No, I'm kidding, you can ignore this question - but the answer to this would be interesting too, especially from a children's books writer, don't you agree?)

Thanks, Kaza! And thanks, Tarie! Will peek in again soon. Make a good day!
Hi Blessie!
Sorry it took a while - I just spotted your comment!
I'm happy to answer -
1) I actually think my best work is the one I'm doing now - Book Three of Erec Rex. After that, Book Two. Things are fitting together just right for that mix of suspense, mystery and adventure that I'm striving for!

2)I think there is no better audience to write for than children. Their enthusiasm amazes me constantly. I get so many letters and emails signed, “Your number one fan.” They’ll say they’ve read the books ten times or more! I mean, adults just don’t get that excited about adult fiction, usually!

It’s funny though, there are a lot of adults that get really excited about YA fantasy. I like to think it’s because kid lit brings out the kids in all of us!

I suppose my next target audience would be adults - and will be one of these days!!

3) I guess I'm happy just being me! But, if everyone were really all vivid colors, I'd probably pick a red/orange/yellow/pink rainbow type look! There is a great song I've heard kids sing that goes something like, "We are a rainbow, a human rainbow. When we put ourselves together than the world glows. We're different sizes, and shapes and colors,..." (Can't remember the rest.) But it's so beautiful when kids sing it....