I was browsing through Powerbooks Megamall when I noticed these books: Japanese Fairy Tales, Indian Children's Favourite Stories, and Asian Children's Favorite Stories. I was amazed by all these Asian children's stories beautifully illustrated and published in English. I can't believe it's taken me this long to find out about Tuttle Publishing, a member of the Periplus Publishing Group ("the world's leading publisher of books on Asia")! Tuttle Publishing also offers books on Philippine language, arts, and culture. Books like My First Book of Tagalog Words, full of Filipino rhymes and verses for preschool children; and the picture book Filipino Friends, the story of a Filipino-American boy visiting the Philippines for the very first time. :o)


Kerrie said…
Oh my goodness, you've been busy reviewing Tarie - I am waaaay behind on my blog reading.
I need to catch up!
Now if only I had some time for book reading! :-)
Tarie said…
How are you, Kerrie? I've missed you!!! *big hug*

I'm behind my blog reading too.:( And I actually want MORE time for book reading. LOL.