Monday, December 03, 2007

Ugh. Right after the season of thanksgiving I started feeling depressed. I think I have my annual holiday blues. :( I know there are so many things to be grateful for, but so many things have been depressing me lately. So that's my update: I'm depressed. I'm worried about some things at work. I'm disappointed that I probably won't get to visit my mom's hometown (General Santos City) over the holidays. (I was so looking forward to spending Christmas with my grandmother, older brothers, and cousins! I was looking forward to being far away from Metro Manila.) And lately I haven't been getting enough time for FUN.


Kerrie said...

Hopefully some of your friends and family can come bring some holiday cheer to you!
Hope your Christmas spirit returns quickly!

Natalie said...

Isn't this a frustrating season? There is so much good and cheer, but it's so easy to feel like you are only on the outside looking in. I sympathize. Courage and faith Tarie. Make time for fun and be prepared to find the fun in unexpected ways and places. Here, take some more (((hugs))) I hope you can turn things around and find yourself surrounded by family, friends and joy.

Tarie said...

Kerrie - That's exactly what I need: some holiday cheer! I also hope my Christmas spirit returns quickly.

Natalie - I have been so down lately that I don't even feel like putting up my little Christmas tree. Thank you so much for all of the hugs. :)

belledi said...

Thanksgiving in the Phillipines? Can you explain please!?

Tarie said...

Hi, Belledi! The Philippines doesn't celebrate American Thanksgiving, but *I* do because I grew up in the US. :D